Jetta Williams has always enjoyed drawing but it wasn't until her grade 12 year (1984) and an amazing art teacher, Stephen Tod, at Kelowna Senior Secondary School that allowed for an incredible journey to begin. At Trinity Western University in 1986, her room-mate entered one of Jetta's pieces into a University art competition and the picture won 1st place with a prize of $100. That $100 was invested that summer into art classes with Cory Carrier, and a love affair with art continued.

From 1987-1998, Jetta worked on several pieces. Many of which were donated and sold during silent auctions at Ducks Unlimited events in North Battleford, Saskatchewan and others sold to private collectors. Although several wildlife pieces were completed, her main focus was on portraiture and children during this time.

In 2001, Jetta reduced her production of new art to raise her children but picked up the pencil again in 2010 and began to study forensic art and the art of portraiture.

From 2012-2015, Jetta worked as a forensic artist. In 2014, she began to commit more of her spare time to painting and drawing and in 2015, she was juried in and became an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.
Jetta continues to draw regularly, work in pastels and is learning to paint in acrylics. Her choice of subject is usually one in which the eyes of the subject can capture the viewer.

Although no formal training in art, Jetta can credit the following art teachers: Gail Adams, Dani Lachuk and Dennis Webber.

Jetta has drawn in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Prince Rupert, BC and Iqaluit, Nunavut and currently lives and draws in Kelowna, BC. She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (Okanagan Chapter) and the Kelowna Palette Club.